Live tracking

Real time tracking (GPS based) for your safety, as your safety is our priority. Time to time update on the location is provided, as the travel proceeds. GPS is the technology that the younger generation trusts the most these days and hence we have adapted it as our main feature she it comes to technology

Driver App

To make your travel more efficient and convenient , we have upgraded our technology by building a driver App that helps you track your cab driver, before it reachess to pick you, for more accurate time estimation of your travel. Through this app you can very easily track each and every move of your driver, and hence can map the time he is taking to reach you

Hardware integration

We have improved she it comes to your safety. Features like panic button, GPS camera, RFID and microphones are included in the package of safety measures we take to protect you from any sort of crime. travel free and tension free with us, we will take care of the rest.